Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's a Virtual World- Even for Craft Shows

I figured since it's cold outside and there are no outdoor craft shows going on, I'd join a virtual one. I found this great webstie that's like walking through the isles of an outdoor show with all the great crafters you'd find on Etsy.

Check out Handmade Craft Show

Please take time to stop by my booth. It's just another easy way to visit The Wiggly Tooth Factory, LLC.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Etsy Baby Shower 2010!

A new year, a new group of expecting moms, and a new Etsy baby shower.
I'm always ready and willing to participate. I recieved the names of my moms yesterday and now I'm just trying to decide what to send. Decisions, Decisions!

Please visit The Etsy Baby Shower Blog to see what great items will be available to all the new moms of 2010.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Little Thank You Note

Sometimes even the smallest of thank yous makes you smile.

A Few New Fabrics!

Getting tired of looking at the same old fabrics? Me too!

Having carried these tooth fairy pillows, tins and teether towels from one craft show booth to another I have been looking at the same fabrics for over a year now. Time to hit Joann Fabrics. Thank goodness it's about 5 miniutes down the road. I'm sure they love taking my money. They recognize my face now when I walk through the door.

So I just picked up a few things. I need to exercise restraint as well as I can while I'm shopping there. No worries Joann's, I may have picked just a few new fabrics this time but 2010 is 12 months full of reasons to keep coming back.

Hope you like what I have selected so far.

(Fabrics are purchases in limited quantities so i can give you, the buyer, more varity.)