Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hearts a-plenty: Valentine Gift Recommendations from Mommies with Style

For your 5ish-year-old: While my 6-year-old still hasn’t lost a tooth, he’ll be prepared to lose one because he’s getting a pillow from The Wiggly Tooth Factory.
Its an adorable mini-pillow-sized tooth with a pocket, available in fun fabrics with a so cute face. Someday (and likely, his dentist predicts, close to his 7th birthday) he’ll hide his tooth in the pocket to be replaced by a magical toothfairy (who already has a stack of golden dollars, hidden away.)

Anyway, I know its a little close to Valentine’s Day, but this one is so cute that I had to mention it. So order now. Because even if you don’t gift on Valentine’s Day, you just never know when you’re going to need a Tooth Fairy Pillow, and you don’t want to be without!

A special thanks to the ladies at the Mommies with Style Blog for taking the time to mention my tooth fairy pillows on

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